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My name is Dan and I write this Blog to share my journeys as I figure things out in technology. New posts should pop up here often. Thanks for visiting my website! Click on “Posts” to see all of the posts I’ve made so far.


Clonezilla Description I’ll start this post off with a confession. When clone a drive I have always used dd for everything. I didn’t have a budget for a software to clone anything at home so dd was the tool of choice. Recently I had to clone a drive for a friend’s business and I had a limited window to clone it after hours. Originally my plan was to use dd but researched a bit and found clonezilla being praised highly.

TrueNAS Intro

TrueNAS Core Intro Description In working on a project for a friend I needed to find a way to store lots data locally and safely. In looking for a solution I tried TrueNAS. TrueNAS Core is free and has a ton of good features I wanted to try. The documents my first run at trying out setting up TrueNAS Core. Download TrueNAS Core can be downloaded from this url. Install OS Install the OS on a VM.

Serial Communication

Serial Communication Description A while ago I was able to find a managed Netgear switch. I recently attempted to use it but couldn’t reset the configuration to factory settings without logging in or using the serial console over usb. For reference I am using a Netgear M4100-D12G at home to configure in this post. I will be going over how I was able to connect to the switch over USB.

Ark Survival Server Docker

Ark Survival Server Docker Description Ark Survival Evolved is a fun game to play, but even moreso with friends. One issue I hit recently is that my servers weren’t working from Windows and I kept getting errors. At this point the only sane thing to do was remove Windows from the equation and host on linux. This post will go through how to use my docker setup and it’s limitations.

DigitalOcean Workspace

Automated DigitalOcean Workspace Setup Description Every now and then I would like a desktop that is in the cloud for development. This can help for many reasons but one in particular that worked for me was development while not having good internet. More often then not I don’t have internet when at my in-law’s house and it bombs their internet when I need to download a Docker image or ova file.

Passbolt Server Automated Setup

Passbolt Server Automated Setup Setup Passbolt is a password manager that can be self hosted. This post describes how to automatically deploy passbolt on DigitalOcean. I wrote the code to do this here. After you clone the code, you need both terraform and ansible to run the makefile. You will be charged for what you use on DigitalOcean. I am not responsible for any charges you incurr. Customize Secrets There are a few secrets in the group vars that need to be updated.

Creating a SOCKS Proxy Network Interface

Socks Proxy Interfaces Required Packages To accomplish our end goal we need to install badvpn to create the interface. If you don’t need the interface and only need the SOCKS proxy available on your machine you can skip this step. sudo apt update sudo apt install golang-go make git Now we can build the binary that creates the network interface. https://github.com/xjasonlyu/tun2socks.git cd tun2socks make tun2socks sudo cp ./build/tun2socks /usr/local/bin Setup SOCKS To setup our tunnel we will use an ssh connection to a server on another network.

Docker Registry

Docker Registry Description Previously I had a post about using Nexus to act as a mirror for Docker Hub. This post is going to show you how to do the same thing with Docker Registry. Registry can only act as a Docker repository unlike Nexus that can do so much more. The goal of this post is to have an ssl secured repository setup. Here is the code related to that installation.

Recording Wifi Handshakes

Recording Wifi Handshakes Something cool I wanted to learn how to do was record Wifi handshakes. This is just a fun project I wanted to try. In this tutorial I record a handshake on my local network. My plan was to see how easy it would be to guess my own Wifi password. Remember to only use this on your own network and devices for learning purposes. Setup Packages The first step is to install the necessary packages.

Nexus Repository

Nexus Repository Description As a developer something that is great to use is a binary repository for any binaries you create. It’s also great for distributing binaries or caching downloads. Docker containers may have a download rate limit but if you cache the containers you can download them straight from your mirror at the rate of your own network. Nexus is awesome because it allows you to have many different types of repositories.