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My name is Dan and I write this Blog to share my journeys as I figure things out in technology. New posts should pop up here often. Thanks for visiting my website! Click on “Posts” to see all of the posts I’ve made so far.

Downloading Websites with wget

My brother-in-law setup a website for his wedding a few months ago and today it was attacked by a brute-force login attempt. Since this site was no longer in use we decided to delete the site. I wanted to be sure that they were able to look back at what they had made though so I downloaded the website with wget and sent them the archive. Here is my process.

Connecting to Windows Share on Linux (samba)

I had to backup some files to the raid at my church this weekend. In trying to do so I had to have a bit of a refresh on how to do simple operations to connect to the Windows File Shares. Here are some tips on working with them on Linux. We use samba-client to interact with them. Installing Required Tools smbclient - this allows us to have an interactive session with the samba share cifs-utils - this allows us to mount a share as a filesystem which makes working with them incredibly easy smbclient smbclient is the more manual was to interact with these kinds of shares but allow us to test connections and look for info on these shares before setting up a more elegant solution later on.

Converting RTF Files on Linux

Recently I received network details from someone in an RTF file. On my laptop I didn’t have an editor for RTF files. After searching for ‘rtf’ through apt I found this awesome utility that I though was simple and useful “unrtf”. Installation Install using apt. sudo apt install unrtf Usage For my purpose I needed to convert to txt format so I used the following. unrtf –text filename.rtf > filename.txt There are other format for output supported as well

Installing Separate Kernel Versions in Ubuntu

Installing Separate Kernel Versions in Ubuntu Check current version/architecture We need to ensure we get the correct architecture when downloading the new kernel. [email protected]:~$ uname -r 5.11.0-27-generic Download kernel from Ubuntu Go to this URL and choose the folder with the version you need. Then navigate to the architecture required. As long as it isn’t an ARM chip choose amd64. Download the following files: linux-headers-VERSION_all.deb linux-headers-VERSION_amd64.deb linux-image-VERSION_amd64.deb linux-image-extra-VERSION_amd64.deb The linux-image-extra* file may not be there.


Introduction My name is Daniel Martin and I love to learn new things, spending time with my family, and drinking coffee. Below are my past job experiences. I work on many projects in my free time and hope to help others by filling up this website. Email: [email protected] Skillset Python C++ C Linux Awk DevOps Terraform Hadoop Bash Jenkins Docker Ansible Red Hat Enterprise Linux Ubuntu Linux Certifications Terraform Network+ Past Experience DevOps Engineer (Linux)